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The testimonial evidence is overwhelming that sexual abuse and harassment has happened in the Sivananda Yoga organization over a long period of time. Until recently, complaints weren't taken seriously and didn't lead to appropriate measures and changes (see references below).

The Executive Board Members (EBM) still ignore this and silence everybody in the organization who wants to take responsibility and start the necessary changes.

The EBM stopped its own investigation on the day the first victims were scheduled for an interview, thus retraumatizing them, by having them go again through the experience of not being heard. The reason given was the lack of financial resources, which is questionable considering the millions in assets and cash shown by Blumbergs charitydata report:

The Satya Project of the Sivananda community ( accomplished with some crowdfunding, what the EBM couldn't do: An independent, professional, open and inclusive investigation. The first report confirms in a credible way, that there is a systematic problem within the organization. But the EBM ignores this effort and the resulting report as well without giving any reasons or feedback.

Guests, staff and karma yogis and community, let's send a strong and clear message to the EBM, that this is not o.k.:

  • Go on strike in the centers and camps
  • Don't take part in the programs
  • Don't teach or volunteer
  • Organise Sivananda Yoga classes and Satsangs within your Sivananda Yoga community outside of the centers
  • Forward this message to your Sivananda Yoga friends

...until the EBM:

  • takes responsibility for the harm that has been done especially to women in the organization,
  • does everything in its power to help these victims to heal,
  • acknowledges and welcomes their courage to again and again go through the humiliating experience to be ignored and silenced when pointing out the problems in the organization
  • and hires a professional organization to start the necessary structural changes.

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Peter Starke / Jnaneshvara
TTC 2007 Reith, Austria / ATTC 2019 Val Morin, Canada


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