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Dear subscribers of the petition for change in the Sivananda Organisation!

Unfortunately the posts informing about this petition on the facebook pages of the Sivananda Organisation have always been deleted quite quickly and finally facebook has stopped the creation of new facebook accounts to post the petition again.

Under these circumstances it is a great success, that there are now 79 subscribers.

The petition has as well led to contacts to other agents for change in the Sivananda Organisation. We are talking about the coordination of our activities.

What other options do we have to inform the Sivananda Community about this movement?

Here are some ideas how you could help:

Please share this link ( with people you know.

Maybe as well you find a way to post the text below as a comment to the first post on one of the facebook pages of the Sivananda Organisation listed below (you might get blocked from further posting, so should create a special facebook account with a secondary email address for that).

If you see another way to post the information about this petition on the Sivananda Facebook pages or on any other page related to Sivananda Yoga or yoga in general on pages of supporters against sexual abuse or abuse of power, especially in spiritual organisations, please do it.

If you have any other ideas please let me know (

Thanks for your support!

I keep you posted


Montreal, 12.8.2020

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Business as usual despite sexual abuse?
Please sign the petition for change:

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